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About Clients Choice Insurance

Agency Principal: Shahn Christensen

Shahn served in the Active Duty Air Force from March 1999-Sept 2010. He has been in the Air Force reserves from Sept 2010 to present.

Shahn ended up in the insurance industry late 2010.

Shahn started in Primerica, where he earned his Life License. At Primerica, he learned that MLM companies are not for him, not saying there is anything wrong with MLMs.

After Primerica, late 2010, Shahn responded to a Farmers Insurance email. He earned his P&C license and ran a Farmers Insurance Agency until the summer of 2012.

At Farmers, he learned that being a captive agent is not for him.

His friend, Tony Breeden, from Farmers, left Farmers before Shahn did and stood up an independent agency. Shahn partnered with him and operated under his agency name.

Jan 2018 is when Shahn began to brand my Company name: Client’s Choice Insurance.

Our office consists of 2 agencies. 2 Owners and 3 staff. We do our best to have someone here during standard M-F office hours.