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Commercial Insurance

Having a business means taking responsibility for your assets, employees, and customers. Getting an insurance policy is one way that can help you achieve this, allowing you to stay in the clear of any injuries at the workplace or property damage that could disrupt your business operations. Below, Clients Choice Insurance takes you through the various types of commercial insurance that could benefit your Colorado business.

Workers Compensation Coverage

Businesses within the state are required to have workers' compensation insurance. This policy protects businesses with one or more employees, helping them cater to medical bills arising from worker injuries.

General Liability Coverage

General liability coverage protects businesses from 3rd party bodily injury harm and property damage. When your customers get injured at your workplace, general liability coverage provides compensation for the medical expenses arising from such an incident. Property repairs or replacement costs are also taken care of by this policy and lawsuits filed against your business.

Business Owners’ Policy

Business owners’ policy bundles liability coverage and property coverage into one, allowing businesses to manage their coverage better. Items catered for by this policy include business interruption, property damage, and bodily injury harm when covered perils occur at your business.

Commercial Auto Coverage

If your business owns vehicles, commercial auto coverage will be an ideal policy to consider getting. It provides compensation when your vehicle is damaged in an accident and where bodily injury harm arises.

Cyber Insurance

When businesses suffer a cyber-attack, cyber insurance allows them to recover from such emergencies. Items covered by this policy include data recovery, monitoring costs, and legal costs arising from lawsuits.

Professional Liability Coverage

If your business offers expert services and consultations that could lead to negligence, professional liability coverage is what you need. It ensures law firms, accounting businesses, and insurance agents are protected from claims of missed deadlines, errors, and omissions while also helping you cover your legal fees.

Whichever commercial coverage you need, Clients Choice Insurance will help you customize a policy suited to your business’s needs. Call our Colorado agents today to help you get started on your coverage.