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Renters Insurance

Numerous people are aware that homeowners need homeowners insurance, but what happens to renters who only lease or rent their space? If you live within Colorado, renters insurance will come in handy when you need to protect your belongings from damage or need coverage for liability claims. Read on for the complete guide by Clients Choice Insurance of what renters insurance covers.

Content Coverage

Personal possessions such as electronics, furniture, and clothing will often suffer damage when perils occur, requiring owners to protect them against such risks. Content coverage offers renters protection against disasters such as fire, vandalism, and electrical faults, ensuring you get the right cover for your repair and replacement expenses. If your belongings are also stolen, this policy ensures that you get compensation for your items, helping you take care of your replacement needs.

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

Additional living expenses coverage comes in handy when your living space becomes uninhabitable due to covered perils. This means that if fire damage forces you to seek accommodation elsewhere, additional living expenses coverage will compensate you for the extra dwelling needs. Other expenses covered by additional living expenses coverage include restaurant meals and traveling costs where needed.

Liability Coverage

If you love entertaining friends or family, liability coverage will protect you when your guests get injured while visiting your residence. Injuries can arise from falls, pet bites, or harm that you or your family members cause accidentally. If your guest’s property is also damaged, liability coverage caters to the costs of property repairs and replacements. In addition to this, this policy also ensures that you get protection when you are sued and will reimburse you for legal fees and damages arising from lawsuits.

To get the benefits and proper advice from our experts concerning the above renter's insurance policies, give Clients Choice Insurance a call today. We will help you understand and get rental coverage designed with Colorado needs in mind.